Causeway Tower, Bahrain

The Causeway Tower is a viewing tower that has been an attraction in Bahrain for many years. However, in 2011 it had become evident the whole facility was in need of renovation. Simon Ho whilst at Atkins working closely with architects in Bahrain, carried out the design to update and increase the capacity of the tower.

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The renovation will increase the capacity at the top of the tower by providing a new, exciting, external viewing platform, and at the base of the tower a new, 40m diameter exhibition centre. The new viewing platform will be formed by a series of steel framed cantilever that props back to the existing core. There will be 8 platforms that create a star shape when viewed from above and when viewed from the base of the tower, at ground level, will resemble a ‘crown’.

The new structure is designed to be as elegant and as light as possible to ensure the existing tower is not over stressed by the extra vertical loading and lateral wind loading that the new platforms will attract; whilst ensuring buildability, sturdiness and insusceptibility to wind and footfall excitation.

Refurbishment of the lower part of the tower is extensive and will add significant functional options by providing a large exhibition space and new viewing walkway all the way around the tower. This is created by building a new structural frame that is supported off new foundations that will be put in around the perimeter of the building. The new structure also helps alleviate loading from the existing structure to minimise the effect of adding the viewing platforms at the top of the tower.

Client: King Fahad Causeway Authority

Location: Bahrain

Architect: Atkins

Structural Engineer: Atkins (Simon Ho)

Completed: Due for completion 2017